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Jesus, can You be my husband?

October 28, 2007
“your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you” Gen 3:16

I had a dream.

You know how slaves would carry kings in a whatchamacallit attached to poles which rested on their shoulders? Sarah was a slave on foot fanning the king in the whatchamacallit. I know that my children in dreams are ususally me (or my husband in the case of the male children) And I think this dream is about “your desire shall be for your husband and he shall rule over you”

I posted a question on a Theology Forum asking what Gen 3:16 means?

Exegetist replied:

Fr. Dictionary of O.T. Theology and Exegesis, Vol. 4, pgs 342-342
Tesuqa, nom. desire, request, longing, appetite

ANE – This word is attested in
Sam. and in Mish. Heb. with the meaning urge, craving, impulse.

OT – this nom. is used 3x in the OT, 2x in Gen. and 1x in S of Songs. The term has generated much controversy (cf Foh, 376-77), but most agree that the word emphasizes craving, desire, or urge. In S of Song 7:10[11] the term “has a decidedly romantic and positive nuance, describing the feeling of a mutual attraction between two lovers” (Hamilton, 201). In Gen 4:7 the term has a decidedly negative nuance, describing the desire of sin that lies poised, ready to leap and dominate Cain. It is a reference to conquering, the desire to defeat a foe.

teshuqua has a root meaning of “turning”.

First, notice that the word itself does not describe the urge, craving or desire. That description must come from the context. The problem with the context in Genesis 3:16 is that it is NOT clear.

Gen. 3:16
16 He said to the woman:
I will intensify your labor pains;
you will bear children in anguish.
Your desire (teshuqua) will be for your husband,
yet he will dominate you.

Here it is unclear what kind of desire is happening. But we can rule out the type of desire in Gen. 4:7 because the woman is not sin, nor representative of sin. It is likely that it is some sort of imperfect amorous desire because God states this right after talking about the woman’s pregnancies, but precisely it simply isn’t certain. My leaning is to consider that since the woman turned from honoring God to a sort of honoring the serpent by giving heed to his advice contradicting God, that now God is informing her that He knows she will be “turning” toward her husband desiring her husbands guidance, affection (???) and that it will not work out for her instead her husband will seek to dominate her. the Hebrew word for rule is one for a harsh rule, a different word than in Ge. 1:26. This is not in any way a command for all time, rather a warning to Eve of the natural result of the sin they participated in. But humanity has a history of learning things the hard way. We all need to learn to trust God first and formost because only God is worthy of absolute trust. When we trust wrongly or inordinately it tends to bring calamity upon us. And no human is worthy of absolute trust. Godly women must learn to honor and respect without inordinately giving to their husbands the honor that belongs to God.

It isn’t a “curse”, so one cannot “break it” by spiritual warfare.
It isn’t a sin, so one cannot “repent”.
Jesus, can You be
my husband
Who rules over me?
“For I am jealous over you with godly jealousy:
for I have espoused you to
one husband,
that I may present you as a chaste virgin to Christ.”
2 Cor 11:2
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