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The Slave Who Fans the King

October 31, 2007

So, in the dream I am the slave who is fanning the king.

I was talking to Chris and Lisa, telling them some things that happened over the weekend.
Lisa starts doing a “slave fanning the king” motion.
I get it!
He does his “control freak” routine.
I lose my temper, I’m outta control
I feel guilty
So I cave and ‘fan the king’.

She said that I am the queen, not the slave.
I don’t have to lose my temper.
I just need to explain
in a dignified manner
my reasons for not complying.

I am the queen.
I like this Greek Word Study
oikosdespotes – oikos = house/home despotes is where we get the word despot so it means master, ruler, or somewhat weak manager.
Used of the young women admonished to marry and be masters of their homes, in 1 Tim. 5:14.
I think God intends me to have authority over household matters
And I need to ASSERT my authority, (not USURP his, but ASSERT mine)

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