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Kindred Spirit

November 13, 2007

This entry is in honor of the occasion of my 48th birthday.

The Lord has blessed me richly and given me a gift which is truly priceless and meaningful to me. I have realized that I have a kindred spirit, a woman who thought deeply about the same passages and books which have drawn me. She is Katharine Bushnell

Today, I ordered two copies of her book “God’s Word to Women”,
one for me, and one to share with my women’s Bible Study group.

and I browsed her other books which are published online.
The Vashti-Esther Story
Heaven on Earth
She could see some of the same things in Scriptures which the Lord has shown to me…

I am deeply touched. How precious and kind of the Lord, to show me this on my Birthday.
Thank you, Lord!

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