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Fulfilling God’s CALL to be “keeper” and “ezer”

December 15, 2007

Titus 2:4-5

I would call the home a “sphere of authority” of the wife/mother.
This CALL upon her life is not about domestic servitude,
but authority to pray spiritual warfare, guard, watch, protect the children and husband, and preserve chastity in the marriage. As she is discipled by elder women, she will be healed and delivered from the effects of woundedness in her life and develop a mind which can think straight and for herself, a sober mind (discreet, self-controlled)

I would add that a wife is CALLED to be her husband’s ezer/help MEET.
Whatever God CALLS her to do HE is ready willing and able to EQUIP her to do.
ezer is a term used for God’s lifesaving help

A wife is uniquely qualified to help a husband overcome sowing to the flesh via sinful, destructive, death producing habits, addictions, attitudes, sins. As she submits to the LORD and seeks HIS divine aid to fulfill her “ezer” and “keeper” calling, HE will enable her to come alongside her husband to hold him accountable for his sins against her and the children humbly, gently, with dignity and strength.

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