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"every man should be ruler over his own household."

June 19, 2008

Please read the following quote and think about it before you scroll down the page.

“every man should be ruler over his own household.”

That quote is from the Bible. I’ll tell you where to find it in a moment.
First, I would like you to think about what the quote says . . . Have you heard teaching from books, sermons, and Christian radio that represents this model as God’s Will and Plan for a satisfying, God-honoring, biblical, Christian marriage?



Did you think about the quote? OK, then click on the link to read the verse in context.

. . . every man should be ruler over his own household”

Now that you have read the verse in context, is it about Christian marriage? What sort of marriage is it about? From the world’s perspective, WHO had all the authority, power, control and WHO had none? How about from God’s perspective? WHO was anointed, appointed, and empowered with spiritual authority “for such a time as this”? Do you see how worldly authority is trivial, and how spiritual authority is powerful – so powerful, that even the gates of hell will not prevail against it! (to read an enlightening commentary on this Biblical account Click Here)

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  1. August 14, 2009 3:44 pm

    Great point! I recently read a secular university newspaper article, written by a man, that pointed out the porn industry’s reliance on the submission of women–submission to all kinds of degradation. It appears the church and the porn industry are in agreement. That should clue us in that something is dreadfully wrong with the church’s teaching on submission, and their lack of holding abusive husbands accountable. There is nothing Christian about submission when it requires the degradation of wives for the pleasure of husbands–whether in the bedroom or in the daily activities of life.

    What I also find so interesting is that many men deny that women HAVE ANY spiritual authority. I didn’t realize this was a problem until I heard of one case where a pastor told a wife that God would not speak to HER! She was to turn to her husband or to the pastors to hear from God. Yet, even in Old Testement times, before the Church was given the Holy Spirit, women like Esther and Deborah were given authority directly from God. Amazing! How could men have gotten it so wrong? And these are supposedly men of God, who whole congregations rely on to “rightly divide the word of truth.”

    You may be interested in my Aug. 5, 2009 post, part 17 in my Itching Ears Series: “The Great Power Conspiracy”

  2. August 15, 2009 4:12 am

    Thanks for the comment Waneta! 🙂
    I find your blogging insightful as well.
    That was a great series on “Itching Ears”!

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