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“The elder women… that they may teach the young women” Titus 2:3-5

Upon reading the latest blog at The Scroll: All’s Not Fair In “Love and War” and the comments, I have resisted commenting. 50 % of “christian” marriages end in divorce for very good reasons which are not represented thus far in the comments.

Some of the commenters are young, newlyweds. I wish them the best! Hopefully their “garden of Eden” experience of marriage will continue and the dream will never be shattered.

Reading the post and comments sent me back to Titus 2- interlinear; Titus 2- with Strong’s. I am an elder woman who has been married for 27 years.

The elder women…
that they may teach the young women(neos)
to be sober, to be friend of husband and friend of children,
[To be] clear minded, chaste, keepers at home, good,
subject to their own husbands,
Titus 2

I am struck by the repetition of the exhortation for the women to be clear minded and have good judgment (see sober/discreet/self-controlled).

verse 4

verse 5
5 σώφρονας
5 sōphronas

…adjacent to being pure/chaste, good, and keepers at home (which has nothing to do with domestic servitude, BTW. See A Woman’s Place: Keeper at Home)

Older women behave as “becometh holiness” and teaching the neos (new or younger women) to be friend to husband and children- not lover (eros), not servant: FRIEND.

Older women teaching the neos to be sober/self controlled, good, and chaste. Please note, they are teaching MARRIED WOMEN to be chaste!!!!!! I believe this chastity is within the context of their own marriage bed. Personally I can feel when my husband is crossing the line into LUST and I can pray against that.

I see in there God’s intention that the mature women teach the neos (newer, younger) to the end that their mind will be whole, sound, healed, that they will live consecrated, set apart for God, being able to perceive what is good and constructive and what is evil, that they have the charge to GUARD their home/marriage and keep themselves safe, protected, and chaste within their home and with their husbands.

And please note that the hupotasso verb here in Titus 2, as in Eph 5:24, is in the Passive voice, which means it is not about something the wife is to DO, it is a description of how marriage IS!. (For more on this see “Wives [are Subject] to Their Own Husbands in Everything” Eph. 5:24

Within the context of the FACT that she “is subject” to this man for better or worse and his choices will impact her deeply, its very important for her to be sober, clear minded, to have good judgment.

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