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Biblical Word Study: Why Use a Lexicon?

Biblical Word Study: Why Use a Lexicon?

The original languages of the Bible are Greek (New Testament) and Hebrew (Old Testament).  Some of the meaning of the original language can be obscured, lost, or even changed in the translation. By using a lexicon- a dictionary of the Greek and Hebrew languages of Scriptures- I can look at the original word used and its range of meanings and consider whether the translation I have been reading really captures God’s Word in that instance. Searching the scriptures and digging beneath the surface through Biblical Word Study has been very enlightening and faith building for me.

  1. Ezer- “Help Meet”:  Biblical Word Study
  2. Titus 2 Woman Biblical Word Studies:
  • Part 1:    “Keeper of the Home” – OIKOUROS.
  • Part 2:    “Head of the Household”- OIKEDESPOTEO.
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