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Sarah Series #2: Sarai means "contentious"

“Sarai” is understood by modern Hebrews and by some resources on ancient Hebrew names to mean “contentious”:

Here is an example of a modern Jewish father embracing the name and legacy of Sarai for his own newborn daughter:  Sarai ____ What’s in a Name? He mentions that “the name Sarai means ‘my princess’ in biblical hebrew and ‘contentious’ in modern Hebrew

In this sermon from the Ray Stedman Library, he preaches that Sarai means “contentious”.   This sermon on TV by Jerry Gillis  originally piqued my interest in the “Sarai”=”contentious” theme.

I found this quite interesting.  I did a google search on  Sarai=contentious  and found this in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia:

The former name [Sarai] appears to be derived from the same root as Israel, if, indeed, Genesis 32:28 is intended as an etymology of Israel. “She that strives,” a contentious person, is a name that might be given to a child at birth (compare Hosea 12:3,4, of Jacob), or later when the child’s character developed; in Genesis 16:6 and 21:10 a contentious character appears.

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